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سرير مواليد بينك مزين بالتل وفيونكة +مخدة قلب

ستايل: اطفالي
منتج رقم: 98647


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Product Content 

 Babynest, Head Pillow, Heart Pillow
  Product features
  First class 28 dns orthopedic baby sponge suitable for spine development and cut untouched are used.
  Outside Special Mevlid Sets are produced with 100% Cotton Fabric inside Bright Satin Fabric.
  It is suitable for babies between 0-18 months.
   Orthopedic sponge section is designed with zipper. The product is easily washed.
   First-class bead fiber is used, which does not form moisture. It doesn't sweat your baby.
  The decor is embroidered with star, cloud and specially named pillows embroidery machine.
  Washing instructions
   Do not use long-term spin mode.
   Iron at low temperature.
  Do not use bleach. (Bleach etc.)
  Wash no more than 30 degrees.
  Product Dimensions

Babynest Inside: 70x40cm - Outside: 100x60cm

Head pillow: 27x22cm

Heart Pillow: 40x40cm

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