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حقيبة يد نسائية موديل جديد معاصر للموضة

الخامة: جلد
ستايل: كاجوال كلاسيك فاشون
منتج رقم: 99248


95 ريال 165 ريال
الكمية :

اختيار المقاس :

اختار اللون :

التعليقات : 0

  • Brand: Miss F / Miss Fu
  • Texture: PU
  • Material technology: soft surface
  • Closed way: draw lock
  • pattern: plain
  • Style: European and American fashion
  • Shape: other
  • Condition: New
  • Popular elements: lock
  • Color classification: black wine red black large brown
  • Internal structure: zipper hidden pocket phone pocket
  • With or without mezzanine: Yes
  • Whether it is foldable: No
  • Code: H939
  • Backpack method: Messenger shoulder
  • Applicable scene: casual
  • Lining material: synthetic leather
  • Shoulder strap style: Double root
  • Applicable object: youth
  • Lifting part type: soft handle
  • Luggage bag type: inside patch bag
  • Luggage hardness: soft
  • Style: crossbody bag
  • Size: small
  • Popular style name: Kelly bag

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Material quality: PU


Winter is slowly coming to an end. Except for the winter that has spread for too long, except for the gray that has been silent for a long time, the bright and comfortable spring is coming soon. Spring always likes lightness, weight, mind, clothing and bags. In this way, everything is light, and finally you can unload the heavy burdens and enjoy the pleasant spring sunshine
Wearing light and beautiful spring clothes, of course, you ca n’t hold back your bags. Large size bags and spring clothes are not only easy to look too heavy and uncoordinated, but also it is easy to visually short your body. When the size of the bag is close to the size of your face When you can easily make the proportion of the whole person more beautiful
Therefore, this issue brings you all small bags, so that daily outings or weekend outings are not only convenient to carry, but also look glamorous and not too cumbersome. The solid color design of the bags explains The beauty of simple atmosphere
The exquisite workmanship of the bag body also highlights the unique texture. The handle of the bag is integrated with the stripe decoration, which is simple yet design. The details are full of spring vitality. The buckle design is designed from the left and right sides of the bag. The metal buckle worn by the belt and the lock post on the front of the bag form a new opening and closing method, which is safer and more delicate. Although the bag is small, but the built-in space is sufficient, small items can be put in.
In addition, this one is also equipped with a diagonal strap, which can not only be portable but also cross-body or one-shoulder. This bag is very practical. It is prepared in two colors, black and khaki. The texture is not easy to be out of date, I like to quickly put it in my pocket ~

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