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سجاد للأطفال بأجود االخامات

الخامة: قطن بوليستر
ستايل: اطفالي
منتج رقم: 98911


150 ريال 220 ريال
الكمية :

اختيار المقاس :

اختار اللون :

التعليقات : 0

Material: polyester (polyester) Specifications: 145 * 195 cm or so Weight: about 2.3 kg Thickness: thin section thickness about 1.5 cm section thickness about 2.5 cm Applicable age: 0 months or more Color magpie and common elephant, I love london ordinary, chubby common elephant, small lion common brother, rabbit common, rabbit and baby cub, baby elephant common, mother bear and treasure bear ordinary, league of legends common, common astronauts, ordinary giraffe, magpie and elephant-thicken, i love london-thicken, chubby elephant-thicken, little lion-thicken, rabbit-thicken, rabbit and cubs-thicken, baby elephant-thicken, bear and bear-thicken, league of legends-thicken, astronaut-thicken, Giraffe-thicken, puppy encyclopedia-common

1 * baby crawling mat

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