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جهاز التجميل لتدليك وتطهير البشرة . جودة عالية

الخامة: بلاستيك
ستايل: فاشون
منتج رقم: 86995


150 ريال 215 ريال
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DARSONVAL Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Face Cleaner Facial Skin Peeling Acne Blackhead Remove Massager For Face Beauty Care Device

Important: we will offer a free adapter in your package , please choose the right adapter according to your country .

Working Principle:

1. Mechanical Effect: 3 million mechanical vibrations per second, so that each part of the action will be accompanied by vibration, play a unique role in cell massage, improve cell metabolism, enhance cell viability, promote blood circulation, improve skin Organize nutrition, make skin ruddy and increase elasticity.
2. Warming Effect: The warming effect of ultrasound can change blood vessel function and metabolic process, make the blood circulation strong, reduce the excitement of cells, and produce analgesic effect. Relieves the blemishes of the skin and gives it a relief effect.
3. Chemical Effects: Ultrasound has the effect of enhancing catalysis and accelerating metabolism. The pH can be made alkaline. It facilitates the penetration of drugs and improves the bactericidal capacity of drugs.


1. Effectively penetrate deep pores and thoroughly clean the skin.
2. The scraper probe will go deep into the skin, remove dirt and aging skin.
3. Sonic vibration makes special beauty liquid thin and atomization.
4. The clogging cosmetics residue and pore sweat emulsion can be remove with the splashing elimination.
5. Eliminate wrinkles and skin relaxation phenomena.
Package Included:
1*Skin Scrubber 
1*Power cable
1*English Manual 
1*Original Box
Face Skin Care ToolsMassager For FaceBeauty Care DeviceFace Cleaner Ultrasonic Skin ScrubberBlackhead Remove

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